New white paper! “Big Bets on Value-Based Care” (UPDATED)

A preview of Health Advances latest white paper, authored by Bruno Nardone.

Value-Based Care (VBC) initiatives are capturing a lot of attention, and in some cases capturing scarce IT budget allocations, as health industry stakeholders prepare for what some believe is an inevitable shift in the way care will be financed and delivered. For Health Information Technology (HIT) vendors, this shift presents a double-edged sword of both new opportunity and risk.

VBC represents a change in market behavior and subsequently core processes and procedures requiring HIT solutions to manage effectively. Vendors must therefore determine how VBC will impact their portfolio and invest accordingly to capitalize on new market demands. However, the market is still maturing and early movers must plan thoughtfully to grow with the market while avoiding burning valuable resources developing solutions that may later need to be reworked. Additionally, vendors must avoid overreaching on requirements by creating an unsustainable business model dependent on clients committing to technologies and functionality beyond their current needs. Finding the right balance will be critical to evolving with the market and emerging as a successful VBC solution provider….

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