Genomics, will the cards stack up?

dnaBy Emily Kong (Senior Analyst) and Amanda Sani (Senior Analyst)

  • With all the recent activity in the genomics space, it is hard to imagine a world where genomic information doesn’t impact everyday life
  • Some data points:
    • Since 2013, we have seen over 500 deals in the genomics space and for more than $6.5B in global equity
    • The FDA released draft guidance for LDTs, providing much-needed clarity
    • Major players such as Myriad and Foundation Medicine have benefited from these new pathways
  • However, questions around business model, data access, and data privacy continue to raise concerns
    • Use of a consumer genomics database in the high profile Golden State Killer case highlights growing concerns over genetic privacy in an era when personal information appears less secure than ever
  • How is the genomics industry poised to deal with these pressing issues? Without clear resolution, the genomics revolution will be a case of promise unfulfilled
  • Attend our panel “Realizing the Power of Clinical and Consumer Genomics” on June 6th at BIO 2018 to explore these issues with industry leaders: Elaine Cheung (Mindstrong Health), Akwasi Asabere (Helix), and Julie Papanek Grant (Canaan Partners)

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